The Buy, Sell, and Transfer Platform in Healthcare and  Supply-Chain Solutions. 
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Healthcare Platform

A Buy, Sell, and Transfer Platform in Healthcare.


Supply Chain Solutions

Optimization- Performance Improvement.
Product to Patient Blockchain Technology. 



Verified buyers and sellers of PPE

An Efficient Solution

"It’s wonderful to contribute to positive cash flow, connect hospitals with resources they need, and reduce our environmental impact." - Sam Hutchinson, UC Health

Outstanding Service

"I have worked with a lot of different companies – your customer service makes all the difference in this market!"
- Suzanne Hoover, UH Pharma Medical Center

A Valuable Partnership

H-Source would like to thank AIM-X, the host of World Peace Day in Berlin, for the opportunity to present at this years international conference. >Read Release 


H-Source is a unique member-based resource for hospitals and medical entities to privately buy and sell and transfer from each other. We focus on Capital Equipment, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals. Our cloud-based SAAS is user-friendly, web-based, and requires no software or hardware upgrades to transact. The H-Source Marketplace makes it easy to list, buy in multiple units of measure, and to communicate between buyers and sellers. 


We support connections between ERP systems that unify your supply chain. We also offer advanced data reporting, asset management, asset transfer capabilities, pricing strategy analysis, and Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS). 

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Supply chain optimization

H-Source has entered into an agreement with EY to offer supply chain optimization opportunities.  Our goal is to maximize supply chain performance and improvement creating sustainable results for health system transformation.  EY is one of the largest professional services firms in the world. 

Blockchain Technology

H-Source is also implementing EY OpsChain TM blockchain technology to track products from manufacturer to final use.  We call it Product to Patient TM offering our customers the most secure medical drug and device tracking based on GS1,
FDA DSCSA, and UDI/GTIN requirements, eliminating counterfeit products and supplying accurate data to all stakeholders. 

EY OpsChain is now one of the world’s leading blockchain business applications, with use cases in healthcare, as well as enterprise functions such as supply chain, procurement and asset management. 

Video Courtesy of EY Global, LLP.

"H-Source will be one of the very first commercial implementations of EY OpsChain and we're very proud of our work for H-Source on this front."



We have leveraged our platform and healthcare knowledge to bring together verified buyers and sellers for PPE products globally. We can help governments, healthcare facilities, education, and industry manage their PPE needs. 

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