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Healthcare Marketplace

A Buy & Sell Network for Healthcare.
Recover Cost, Reduce Spend,
& Eliminate Waste. 


Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Solutions for major industries.
Blockchain Optimization & Reporting. 



Website builds, accounting, and logistics.
Customized Solutions for B2B & B2C. 


H-Source is a unique member-based resource for hospitals and medical entities to privately buy and sell from each other. We focus on Capital Equipment, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals. Our cloud-based SAAS is user-friendly, web-based, and requires no software or hardware upgrades to transact. The H-Source Marketplace makes it easy to list, buy in multiple units of measure, and to communicate between buyers and sellers. 


We support connections between ERP systems that unify your supply chain. We also offer advanced data reporting, asset management, asset transfer capabilities, pricing strategy analysis, and Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS). 

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Built with robust GS-1, UDI/GTIN and DSCSA track-and-trace capabilities, the H-Source platform takes a giant step forward by combining with the EY OpsChain, continuing the mission to provide innovative solutions that simplify healthcare supply chain management and make it more sustainable.

"The H-Source vision of supply chain transformation facilitating communication and collaboration to drive efficiencies, combines well with the EY focus on making connections a key component of global health. We appreciate the opportunity to work with EY on new initiatives." -John Kupice, CEO

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E-Commerce Solutions designed for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). Customized Website Builds, fully integrated accounting (domestic and international), logistics, tracking, shipping & returns, and inventory management.   

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